About Exilic Press

We live in a precarious time. We take many things for granted, until we have lost them. 

Free speech, free press, the right to move between places. These things are not to be taken for granted.

At Exilic Press we cherish those who inhabit the in-between places, the exiled, the ones that continue despite not having a place to stay. Our aim is to provide them with cover–with literally a cover.

Freedom to speak, to think, to publish, to dwell between places are important things for human beings, as well as for writers. The freedom to develop their thought without having to think about the commercial value, about the hidden agendas of publishing concerns and of fitting into a specific domain.

Which doesn’t mean Exilic Press publishes anything and everything. We aim to publish only vigorous, chaste and original content.

Original, in that it does not blindly follow the paradigms of the present, and that it searches for a voice of one’s own, even if that means that it does not belong anywhere. It takes up concepts and uses them in a radically original way. True originals are always exilic.

Chaste, in that the work is loyal to its subject and does not serve masters of commerce or the like. We argue that authors should neither overstate nor understate, neither expand the description of events nor reduce their importance.

Vigorous, as the work should be bold and bring in a vitality of its own. It should have a powerful, urgent and important point to make.

Value is not in the first place an economic concept.

Exilic Press is a registered publishing house in the Netherlands.

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