Welcome to Exilic Press

Exilic Press publishes the exiled. Exiled writers, exiled works. Exiled in the sense of not belonging, being banished from a certain domain, searching for a place to thrive. Exilic Press provides a refuge for those who seek (a) cover.

Publishing at Exilic Press is original, chaste and vigorous

Original, in that it does not blindly follow the paradigms of the present, and that it searches for a voice of one’s own, even if that means that it does not belong anywhere. It takes up concepts and uses them in a radically original way. True originals are always exilic.

Chaste, in that the work is loyal to its subject and does not serve masters of commerce or the like. We argue that authors should neither overstate nor understate, neither expand the description of events nor reduce their importance.

Vigorous, as the work should be bold and bring in a vitality of its own. It should have a powerful, urgent and important point to make.

Publishers are not to decide what is a great book, and what is not. Especially when it comes to works that lie outside of a domain, that transcend unwanted borders. At Exilic Press we do not understand value in economic terms.